Beginner's Guide to Heroic Legends

You just discovered the world of Heroic Legends and can't wait to plunge in it's fabulous universe.

Fighting trolls, declaring epic wars against guilds, participating in quests, completing alchemist tasks is what is waiting for you in this medieval fantasy world.

This guide will help you get your feet wet. You launched the game and end up on the character creation interface.

Character Classes

There are currently 3 classes you can choose from, each having it's own benefits. Choose wisely your class when starting the game as it will affect all your future progression.

Humans: They are a lot, they are good at fighting, and like to work as their Inergia refills quicker than the two other classes. Most of them have a grudge against trolls.

Skeletons: Back from the death, they have nothing to lose. They are outstanding soldiers, fighting is their thing. Their bravery refills quicker.

Trolls: They are miserly. They earn more money when completing tasks and attacking, and they have no mercy. Unfortunately some of them are really aggressive.

Once you have choose which class fits you best, you can start customizing your character. Humans is the class offering the most customizable options for the moment.


You will first need a job to earn money. It will allow you to progress and being able to buy new equipment that will make you stronger. There are currently 10 jobs you will unlock as you level up.
At the beginning, you start as a baker, you have to make breads, knead dough, bake cookies, etc.

Each task requires a certain amount of Inergia that refills every 3,5/4 minutes depending of the class you choose. Inergia is symbolized by a blue bolt.
For example, the task "Make a Bread" requires 3 Inergia points. This means that you will need to have at least 3 of Inergia to be able to complete the task and earn the rewards.

Tasks rewards you with money and experience.

Attack: Let's Fight

Heroic Legends being a massively multiplayer game, you can attack other people and gather rewards. Go to the attack screen and you will see your opponents. You can only attack and be attacked by players of +/-1 of your level.

Attacking requires Bravery. Your gain one Bravery point every 4 minutes (Trolls refills quicker).

Attack results are based on each player's stats. Most important stats are Armor, Life, Strength and Agility. You can upgrade these stats by getting powerful equipment like armors, swords, shields, boots, etc. Each time you level up, you are also rewarded with 4 skill points.

When you are attacking or defending, you are losing armor and life, which are two important stats when fighting. The less armor you have the lower are your chances to win.

If you don't feel strong enough before attacking, you can get a bonus by holding the attack button. That way, a popup will appear where you will be able to choose from 3 special attacks: Agress, Inflict a Gash and Assail.

My Character - Menu

Go to "My Character" to see your character, stats, and items you have in your bag. On the right side, you have access to your Guild, Tavern, Mailbox and Help section, while on the left you can see your character on his base. Just below, are displayed your most important stats that are used when attacking or defending.

Bag: This is where all of your equipment is stocked. You are limited to gather with you up to 6 items at the beginning. You will unlock new slots to keep more items with you as you level up.

To equip an item, like a weapon for example, just go to your bag, tap on it and tap on "Equip". You can also sell your items for a percentage of their original prices.


The marketplace is where you make your shopping. This is where you can grow powerful by getting great equipment and weapons. More and more clothes and weapons will be available to you as you continue your journey through the world of Heroic Legends.

Sorcerer: Visit the sorcerer to get special upgrades in exchange of Elixirs. The sorcerer will provide you Inergia/Bravery refills, tokens, and even little creatures! Elixirs are really rare currency you can earn by mastering tasks, leveling up or playing the Dark Forest's Slot Machine. You can also buy Elixirs with in-app-purchases.


Go to the Tavern to buy special beverages that will give you more power. You can refill your Armor and Life but also enjoy potions that will boost your experience, strength or even agility. Potions become more expensive as you progress, so use them wisely.

Sometimes, you may be attacked a few times in a row by the same rival. This is where the Invisibility potion is interesting. Use it and you will be protected against all attacks during 3 hours.


Guilds are a unique way to play with your friends. Join or create a guild to get access to wars, quests and private guild chat.
You can join a guild for free or you can create your own for 40 Elixirs.

Being the owner of a guild giving you more options and fame. You will have to win wars and complete quests to upgrade the level of your guild, proving your bravery on the leaderboards.

Wars: Once you are in a guild, you will be able to participate in epic guild wars. Guild wars are a competition between two guilds that can last between 6 and 24 hours. During the war, each players of the guild must attack the other one. The winning guild is the guild that won the highest number of fights and earned the most experience. Wars are a great way to earn additional money.

Quests: You can participate in quests to upgrade the level of your guild and earn rewards. Quests are a list of tasks to complete in a limited time with the players of your guild. This is collaborative. You may have to complete X tasks, attack 20 trolls and buy a sword in less than 3 hours, for example.

As soon as you completed a quest 5 times, you get access to the next level.


The mailbox is the place where you can send and receive private messages. All messages are private and other players won't be able to read them.

You have an unlimited number of messages, unlike the Village chat, where you need Viking Horns.

Dark Forest's Slot Machine

Located in a deep forest, this magical item let you try your luck to win different prizes. It requires one chip to play, but can reward you with Elixirs and money. Chips can be earned by playing everyday, asking a gift from a friend, or buying them in the Sorcerer's Marketplace.


You can now send free gifts to your friends! Scroll down when you are in "My Character" and tap "Send Gifts". You can send and receive up to 3 free gifts per day among an Elixir, Armor refill or Slot machine chip. Sending Elixirs Packs doesn't count as a free gift, there is no limit on them.